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Our Mission

To create pathways for children and youth to flourish

Our Vision

To close the opportunity gap for under served students by helping them discover their place, passion, and purpose through work, business, entrepreneurial training, and mentoring.

Our Values

Pro Deo Foundation operates with a set of core values that influence and drive everything that we do. Our core values are: 

Christian- Pro Deo at its heart is an organization founded on Christian principles and lived out by faith of its board and staff.

Collaborative- No person is an island. We're better together. These statements can become cliches, but that doesn't mean that they are not true. At Pro Deo, we don't want to simply play in our own sandbox, we desire to work alongside others who share our same focus.

Entrepreneurial- Yesterday's ideas will not produce results in today's environment. We don't want to be stuck in one-way thinking. We value an entrepreneurial spirit that is willing to take chances, do new things, and innovate. 

Intergenerational- We want the Pro Deo Foundation and our programs to cross generations. Children and youth need adults of all ages in their lives and adults can benefit by knowing and serving students.

Humility-  We do not have all the of answers. In fact, we probably don't have many of them. We can and should learn something from everyone we meet, but if we do not approach every idea, program, relationship, and interaction with humility, we will miss the opportunities to learn and grow. 


In 2002, Henry and Karen Pritchett, the founders of Pro Deo Foundation, formed the Pritchett Foundation with the proceeds of the sale of one of their investment real estate holdings. With gratitude, this foundation was formed with a mission to address the needs of children at risk. The focus was primarily concerned with the needs of poor, destitute and orphaned children through organizations providing a holistic care model, including food, shelter, and education. 

From 2012-2018, the founder’s philanthropic interests were primarily overseas. In more recent years, they became aware of a sense of call to also address the needs of children at risk at the local level through programs and partnerships in Southern California. This sense of call led to the formation of the Pro Deo Foundation in 2018. The founders formed this Foundation as an operating foundation to actively participate in the work of helping disadvantaged children locally. In this way, the founders and staff of Pro Deo seek to grow personally and desire to come alongside others to lead productive successful lives. 


Henry and Karen Pritchett

Henry and Karen Pritchett were married in Wheaton, Illinois in 1976. Shortly thereafter, they decided to pull up roots and move to Southern California. Henry wanted to get into commercial real estate and California gave him the opportunity to realize his goals. Henry launched a successful real estate career with Karen as a very productive partner in the business. In 1979, they welcomed their son Christopher to the family who turned out to be their greatest joy and blessing. Karen and Henry continued to work hard in their business as they began developing self-storage properties. They have been continually blessed and their business which allowed them to fulfill their real desire of sharing what they have received. 


Our staff is small, talented and dedicated to carrying out our mission.

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Our board is made up of business leaders, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs. Men and women who are dedicated to the work of Pro Doe, helping create pathways for children and youth to flourish.

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While we cannot possibly know what the future holds, we will continue to pray, plan, and prepare for a future that includes Pro Deo and our work. We are eager to engage with the public, and private sectors to create meaningful partnerships, to implement impactful programs, and to lead change. There is so much to do, and we believe that operating foundations like Pro Deo are uniquely positioned to bring about much needed social innovation. 


We know that these changes won't happen overnight. 


Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved in the work of Pro Deo.

Here are a few:

Volunteer- reach out to us if you are interested in volunteering to teach a skill or to become a mentor.

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