Creating Pathways for Children & Youth to Flourish

We are a nonprofit seeking to close the opportunity and achievement gaps by teaching students work, business, and entrepreneurship skills.

What We Do

Helping Students Find Their

Place, Passion, & Purpose

The Pathways Pro Deo program, our flagship program teaches work, business, and entrepreneurship skills in an after-school program where students learn to make handmade and custom products sold primarily online and in our retail shop, Coastland. Students also earn proceeds from product sales in the form of scholarship grants. 

The Pathways Pro Deo program also provides mentoring and wraparound services, such as tutoring, spiritual care, mental health, social skills, financial literacy, and more. We are committed to helping the whole student take the necessary steps to be successful post-high school.

The Pathways Pro Deo program gives students a sense of place while they discover their passion and purpose.

Pro Deo currently serves students in Carpinteria and San Clemente.

The Pathways mentors encouraged me to get my work done and told me it’s possible for me to come back from the failing grades I had. So that really made me realize I could do it and I actually did my work and I ended up getting it done, like they said it was possible.


Pathways Carpinteria Participant Class of 2024

It’s [Pathways] a family away from family and a home away from home and I know that being here has prepared me up for college and everything else that I will go through in life.


Pathways Carpinteria Participant Class of 2024

Oh my gosh, the whole entrepreneurship aspect is amazing! We’re learning while we’re doing everything, which is unique. And because of the store aspect, we learn what fails and what works, and we learn how to find alternatives, which is really important to learn, especially going into the business world. I want to go into business now because of this program (Pathways).


Pathways Carpinteria Participant Class of 2024

Ever since coming to Pathways, I have wanted to do better in school and not get suspended anymore.


Pathways Carpinteria Participant Middle School Program


To create pathways for children and youth to flourish


To close the opportunity gap for underserved students by helping them discover their place, passion, and purpose through work, business, entrepreneurial training, and mentoring.


Having a sense of place is a powerful thing. It communicates care, belonging, and value. An essential ingredient for Pathways Pro Deo is to create a safe space for students that communicates their value and provides a "third place" after home and school, where they can have a sense of community and belonging.


Pathways Pro Deo is a place where students can discover their passions, which can take them beyond their high school years. We believe that the absence of creative and productive outlets for students and the lack of opportunities contribute to student apathy towards school and their futures. We want to ignite and foster student passions in productive and beneficial ways for both the students and the world in which they live. Pathways Pro Deo helps unlock a student’s passion.


Finding one’s purpose is one of the fundamental tasks of adolescence. For many, finding our purpose can seem like a daunting task under the best of circumstances. When you add the difficulties and challenges many students face, finding your life’s purpose can feel impossible. Pathways is where students can discover a greater purpose for their lives. We use mentoring, tutoring, and entrepreneurial training to help students find the purpose of their lives.

Unlocking Potential with the Pathways Pro Deo Program

At our core, we know that this generation of students has incredible potential. Sadly, far too many students aren't living up to that potential for many reasons.

Through work, entrepreneurship training, and mentoring, the Pathways Pro Deo Program gives students the chance to unlock their potential and see a future for themselves beyond high school. Interested in learning more?

Our Impact


Transformation is a long process; we are committed to walking with students for the long haul. Pathways Pro Deo gives students opportunities for growth, transformation, and change.

The Pathways Pro Deo Program is a theory-based program developed by youth programming experts with over 60 years of collective experience. Click the button to learn more about how Pathways Pro Deo works and its impact on students' lives.

Latest News and Events

Keep up to date on the latest news and happening with Pro Deo, Pathways, and Coastland

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Pathways Carpinteria Program Updates
Expanding opportunities for Middle School Exciting news is on the horizon for Pathways Carpinteria! We are thrilled to announce a significant expansion that will broaden our impact and reach in the community. Starting this school year, we are proud to introduce the Pathways Carpinteria Middle School Program, an initiative aimed at providing even more comprehensive[…]
Expanding Horizons: San Clemente Program Site Update
In 2022, we embarked on an exciting journey by launching a small test program site in San Clemente to explore the potential for expansion. Fast forward to 2023, and we're thrilled to share an update on our San Clemente program, which has exceeded our expectations and paved the way for a promising future. One of[…]

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