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Pathways gives middle and high school students hands-on experience running businesses in teams by creating handmade products they make in our program space and sell online or in our store Coastland. Students who participate will be able to earn money from the products their team produces and sells.

Pathways participants are paired with mentors who guide students in making saleable products and the necessary business skills to help students learn the business. Pathways is designed to teach more skills as students progress.

Participants in the Pathways program will have access, as needed and desired, to additional services including mentoring, tutoring, mental health, college prep, spiritual care, social health, financial guidance, and more. We are committed to helping the whole student.

Pathways is Theory Based Programming

The Pathways Pro Deo Program is a theory-based program developed by youth programming experts with over 60 years of collective experience. Interested in learning more about what goes into Pathways Pro Deo?

We currently run Pathways in Carpinteria and San Clemente, CA!

Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved in the work of Pro Deo.

Here are a few:

Volunteer- reach out to us if you are interested in volunteering to teach a skill or to become a mentor.

Subscribe- sign up to receive our newsletters.

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