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How Pathways Impacts Students

Since launching in 2019, Pathways Pro Deo has served hundreds of students in Carpinteria and San Clemente

Below are some of the ways students have been impacted by participating in Pathways Pro Deo.

01. Student Graduation

100% of high school seniors who participated in Pathways Carpinteria graduated from high school.

06. Increasing Confidence

Pathways students gain confidence as they achieve success in gaining new abilities. This new confidence helps Pathways students begin to gain an imagination for a future beyond high school, and often a future they wouldn't have previously considered.

05. Transferable Skills

Pathways students learn transferable skills that help them succeed in the next phases of their lives. Time management, communication, work ethic, a willingness to try new things, and more all help set up our students for success.

02. Post High School Success

78% of past Pathways Carpinteria participants are currently enrolled in college or skills training programs with 100% of our last Pathways Carpinteria graduating class attending college.

03. Improved Attendance & Behavior

Students who participated in our Carpinteria program saw a significant decrease in tardies and absenteeism.

Students also saw a decrease in detentions, suspensions, and expulsions.

04. School Performance Improvement

Students participating in our Carpinteria program saw improved grades, with 54% raising at least one grade from an F to a C or better.

Pathways Timeline

Learn more about the history of Pathways in Carpinteria and San Clemente.

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September 2019
The Beginning

Pro Deo takes over the after-school program at Carpinteria High School where we begin to implement the first stages of what will become our Pathways Pro Deo program.

November  2019
Coastland Opens

The first Coastland store and new program spaces opens on the 700 block of Linden Ave. in downtown Carpinteria. The new space gives our students a chance to make and sell their products in the same space.

December  2019
Life on Linden

For the next two years, the Pathways Pro Deo Program would be continually impacted with students waiting to get into the program. During this time, many students learned how to work, learned business skills, and made dramatic strides in their personal life through mentoring and guidance.

September 2022
San Clemente Site Opens

In the fall of 2022, we launched a new program site in San Clemente. This new site gave us the opportunity to meet unmet needs in the community along with testing if the Pathways Pro Deo model could expand into other communities. Our San Clemente site is still active and operational.

  February     2023
Moving on Up

February 2023, we moved locations and opened our new store and workshop in Carpinteria, located at 5036 Carpinteria Ave. The new space allows for better programming, more students, and a bigger store. We love our new location which is helping us gain visibility with the community and tourists alike.

May 2023
Middle School Pathways Starts

In May of 2023, we launched a middle school version of Pathways, where 6-8th grade students can learn craftmanship, work skills, beginning business skills, social intelligence, and more. Since opening in May, we have had a growing list of students on a waiting list waiting to join.

May 2023
Carpinteria Shuts Down

In June of 2024, the Pro Deo Board of Directors ceased operations in Carpinteria to better serve students in Orange County. This move was not made lightly with the Board believing that by consolidating resources into an emerging Orange County market will set Pro Deo up for greater impact moving forward.

I have learned how to create a business. When I first started the program I had a completely different major in mind that I wanted to study but the program has influenced me to major in business in accounting which I would not have done if I wasn't in the program.

Ayline, Pathways San Clemente Student

Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved in the work of Pro Deo.

Here are a few:

Volunteer- reach out to us if you are interested in volunteering to teach a skill or to become a mentor.

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