Coastland is the retail and online store for Pro Deo and its Pathways programs. Coastland is a real retail business that serves as a learning environment where students learn valuable work and business skills as they participate in our Pathways programs.



Every product we sell in our store and online is made locally. We also try our best to source our raw materials locally whenever possible. We believe it's important to #shoplocal


Everything in Coastland is created or finished using the best craftsmanship we can. We never buy anything wholesale only to mark it up and resell it. Our hands touch everything we sell.


Students are the heartbeat of Coastland. Every product is made by and for them. Students earn proceeds from the the sales in the form or scholarship grants. Coastland is committed to #retail4good

  As I was walking downtown Carpinteria with my family we stumbled upon this locally made and sourced shop. The shop has a variety of home decor and trinkets, bath and beauty items. As we walked in we were approached by a girl that told us everything in here is made by students and all the profits from the shop go back to them. When I heard that I knew I had to get something even if it was small, to help support. I kept with the theme of avocados as a festival was going on across from the shop for the weekend and grabbed a handmade avocado bath bomb.

thumb Shawna R.

  I love a store with a mission, and Coastland 100% delivers in that area. Attracted to the store by a sign outside "support our students", I entered Coastland. With a nice selection of soaps, key chains, bracelets, cutting boards with hilarious quotes, and other eclectic products for good prices, I was thrilled to discover that Coastland is a nonprofit organization that trains high school students to produce all the products sold in the shop! The proceeds from sales goes back to purchasing materials for the students. I love the business model. Additionally, their products have that unique flair that only high school students can contribute. I found two great gifts for my nephews including a wooden Minecraft box and wooden journal cover with Animation. I love the Star Wars themed cutting board. The prices are very reasonable! The staff member who was working there shared with me her story, as she had been one of the high school students who had made art and returned to work here post-graduation. Full circle! I love it! I wish this business every success.

thumb Dara M.

  Absolutely, hands down, the best little shop I have been to in years! Adorable and extremely creative products made by high school students. Very meticulous detail in their products and priced very low. I was greeted by a very welcoming adult. When I was ready to make my purchase, one of the teens from behind the counter rung up my order and she had the biggest, warmest smile the entire time. Teens were there making and creating new items while talking and laughing. .... It was a beautiful sight and so genuine. This non-profit is truly dedicated to helping local youth and it is run from the heart, and you can feel it as soon as you walk in. Filled me with happiness and I love my purchases!

thumb Melisa R.


Student Maker Space

Coastland is not just a retail shop. It is so much more. Our little shop is also home to a student maker space where we run Pathways Pro Deo, our school youth entrepreneur and business training program. Local students who participate in Pathways learn to make the products we sell in the store, and they also learn how to run a business and share the profits in the form of scholarship grants.

Coastland Products

Soap & Supply

Our students make a variety of handmade soaps and bath and body products which fall under the Soap & Supply banner. Students learn craftsmanship necessary for creating soap and body products. They also learn the benefits of natural products for your skin. Coastland customers love the variety of products in our Soap & Supply line.


Many people make handmade jewelry, but not many people are able to combine the precision of a laser cutter with hand craftsmanship to create unique jewelry designs using sustainable natural woods like bamboo and walnut. Our jewelry designs reflect a modern aesthetic that reflect the geography of the local area.


Using a laser engraver and cutter allows our students to create a variety of unique products that are not found many places. From wooden sunglasses holders to wall plaques, to skateboards, our design section of products bring together creativity and technology to create items that our customers love

Visit Coastland Carpinteria

If you are ever in Carpinteria, we'd love to meet you! Shop in person, get a tour, learn more about the store, our programs, and our mission!

We are located at:

5036 Carpinteria Ave

Carpinteria, CA 93013

Coastland Online Store

Our online store is a proud extension of our physical retail location, showcasing an array of products crafted by talented students. When you can't make it to our physical store, is your virtual gateway to a sea of student-made treasures. From unique handcrafted jewelry, soap, candles and more every item in our collection carries the mark of creativity and dedication from our student artisans. By shopping with us online, you not only support the vibrant spirit of student entrepreneurship but also bring a touch of coastal living to your life, no matter where you are. Explore our products, celebrate the creativity of our students, and let be your online haven for authentic, student-crafted treasures.

Get Involved

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