CEO Transition

Dear Friends,

I write this to let you know of a significant change coming to the Pro Deo Foundation and the Pritchett family. Though I have had the privilege and joy of leading the launching of our foundation’s operations since 2018, it has become clear to me that my purpose in being here has now been fulfilled. By way of great surprise and gracious invitation, I have accepted a position to serve as Pastor of Mt. Olympus Presbyterian Church: a vibrant, Christ-centered and multigenerational congregation in Salt Lake City whose mission is to invite people to become more passionate followers of Jesus Christ. I believe that the Lord invites each of us to certain places at certain times to fulfill certain roles in others’ lives. For me, this season with Pro Deo has been one of creativity, innovation, research, and outside-the-box ministry that I never imagined I would have had the opportunity to do. I will forever be grateful for the lessons gained and the remarkable work we accomplished together with God’s help.

For Pro Deo, this means a change in executive leadership that will allow the foundation to continue this meaningful work in Carpinteria. My trusted colleague and friend, Dave Roberts, who set out with me on this journey as our Chief Operating Officer, will step into the Executive Director role for the local programs and lead the work of the foundation. Dave has already been leading the operations of the programs, and brings all the necessary gifts, skills and commitment for the job. Dave’s wife, Rachel, who manages our Coastland Store and whose work is equally and complementarily exceptional, will take on increased responsibilities as well. Our other valuable staffers will continue moving the ministry forward. The board will remain in place and, by God’s grace and the founders’ generosity, funding will remain secure for the foreseeable future.

We believe that God is with us through all of this, even in the midst of a global pandemic. Though we are confident and excited to join the ministry of Mt. Olympus Presbyterian Church, we also grieve as we say goodbye to a very special community of family and friends. Should the way be clear at the virtual congregational meeting on April 19, I will conclude my time with Pro Deo on May 31 in order to move and begin at Mt. Olympus on July 1. I pray for us and for the whole world that this pandemic may be nearing the end of its destructive course by this time.

As we look to remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, may we each find comfort in the living hope that sustains us in all times and circumstances.

Sincerely Yours,

Chris Pritchett