"A few people of integrity can go a long way"

~Bill Kauth

Our Board Members form part of the governing body of the Pro Deo Foundation. They are committed to the long-term interests of the organization and meet regularly to oversee and direct business operations, set policies, approve business decisions, evaluate executive performances and fulfill fiduciary responsibilities.

Board Members

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Henry Pritchett


Henry Pritchett has long sensed God’s blessing on his life and fortunes. Having grown up in faith, wandered, and returned to deeper faith, Henry earned a Masters’ Degree in Theology from Fuller Seminary. As a couple, Henry and Karen experience a passion for helping children in difficulties to find their way into flourishing lives. That passion led them to work abroad, where funds from America can have a significant impact. Recently, as needs in America continue to grow, they have felt led to use their resources and gifts closer to home, to help children and youth locally. Personally, Henry is a successful real estate developer, who embraces risk-taking in ministry and relationships, enjoys learning, writes poetry, skis, and hikes frequently with Karen, and plays marginal golf. The most important and satisfying things in his life are family, friendship, spiritual growth, and helping others.

Karen Pritchett


Hello, I am Karen Pritchett, born Karen Englhard to a family of 6, 3 boys and a girl (me). My mother was an orphan, and I early on developed a passion for helping children who are at risk, orphans, and foster children. My husband and I became certified foster parents, and it was always my desire to have at least four children. God blessed us with one amazing son, but my heart always longed for more. We tried to adopt several times, but God always seemed to close the door. We accepted that this was not His will for our lives, but I never stopped longing to help children, lots of children. We have supported many children and orphans in Africa, and we realized that there is a need here in the United States for children to be given a chance in this world. We started the Pro Deo Foundation in 2018 with the hopes of mentoring children at risk, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Our son Chris became interested in leading our Foundation and helping it prosper in its mission. We operate Pro Deo in Carpinteria, California, where there is a need for children at risk to be recognized and flourish. My husband and I serve on the Board of Directors for the Pro Deo Foundation in addition to other Board members, including Chris Pritchett, Jesse Lund, and Mike Haddad. We are blessed to have such a vibrant, committed Board who plays a significant role in prospering our Foundation and ministry according to God’s will and grace. To God, be the Glory!

Jesse Lund


Rev. Jesse Lund is Minister in the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) and a retired corporate executive with Wells Fargo and IBM. He has extensive business management experience and an entrepreneurial background. He is passionate about mentoring the next generation of leaders and working with organizations that seek to provide real help and hope for the hurting, marginalized, and underprivileged.

Mike Haddad

Board Member

Mike joins our board with broad experience in the field of ministry that Pro Deo is committed to. His passion for seeing underprivileged youth find hope and gain access to the tools they need to find success and significance in their lives is what drew Mike to join us here at Pro Deo. Mike has been involved in mentoring and working with youth for over 20 years.

Chris Pritchett

CEO Emeritus & Board Member

Chris’ passion and life commitment come from a simple opening line of a Mary Oliver poem: My work is loving the world. A native of Southern California, Chris experienced both the joys and thrills of a playful childhood, and the ongoing redemption of Christ in every aspect of his life. Trained as a Presbyterian Pastor (PCUSA), Chris has served churches in Southern California and Washington, most recently as senior pastor of John Knox Presbyterian Church in Seattle. He is currently serving as senior pastor of Moutn Olympus Presbyterian Church and serving on the board of the Henri Nouwen Society. Chris holds degrees from Westmont College, Fuller and Princeton Seminaries and is currently working on his doctorate in global leadership from Portland Seminary. He is interested in social entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as the practice of institutional leadership as a necessary vehicle for the transformation of lives and the common good of society. Chris met his wife, Devon, at Westmont, and together they enjoy an active lifestyle with their three children, Hannah, Abby, and Lucas. They currently live in Salt Lake City UT. His other pursuits include driving to soccer fields, surfing, hiking, traveling, contemplative practice, enjoying a local craft IPA, making cold-processed artisan soap.

Jon-Ryan Schlobohm

Board Member

Bio coming soon!

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