Changes coming to Pro Deo

Dear Pro Deo Community,I hope this email finds you well. I’m reaching out today with important news regarding Pro Deo’s future plans. After much consideration and strategic evaluation, the board of directors has made the decision to close our Carpinteria location and relocate the organization to San Clemente.This decision was not made lightly, but after[…]

Pathways Carpinteria Program Updates

Expanding opportunities for Middle School Exciting news is on the horizon for Pathways Carpinteria! We are thrilled to announce a significant expansion that will broaden our impact and reach in the community. Starting this school year, we are proud to introduce the Pathways Carpinteria Middle School Program, an initiative aimed at providing even more comprehensive[…]

Expanding Horizons: San Clemente Program Site Update

In 2022, we embarked on an exciting journey by launching a small test program site in San Clemente to explore the potential for expansion. Fast forward to 2023, and we’re thrilled to share an update on our San Clemente program, which has exceeded our expectations and paved the way for a promising future. One of[…]

Meet Carmen-Class of 2023

Carmen Garnica, an original Pathways program member since the fall of 2019, stood out for her exceptional work ethic and attention to detail. Her unwavering dedication made her a standout student and a silent leader who led by example. Carmen’s mantra is productivity; she thrives on working hard and actively dislikes idle moments. This rare[…]

Meet Gustavo-Class of 2023

Gus’s journey at Pathways has been transformative, leading him to discover capabilities he didn’t know he had. Initially, Gus struggled with focus and was easily distracted. However, he has come a long way since he first started, developing the ability to stay on task and demonstrating significant growth and maturity. Gus also experienced notable growth[…]

Meet Julianna-Class of 2023

Initially convinced by her mother to join Pathways, Julianna Ornelas joined for the opportunity to earn money, but stayed in the program to learn and for the friendships she formed. Julianna Ornelas is a determined “go-getter” with ambitious dreams of becoming a business owner one day. Her interest in entrepreneurship was planted and cultivated through[…]

Meet Neida Garcia-Class of 2023

Neida Garcia, a senior in our Pathways Carpinteria program, shared her deep connection to Pathways and Coastland, describing it as more than just an after-school program—”it’s a family away from family and a home away from home and I know that being here has prepared me up for college and everything else that I will[…]

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